Main Features

  • Campsites: unusual family accommodation, in addition to yurts, domes, caravans, cabins, tipis and Tentouareg.
  • Festivals: accommodation for artists and teams, bar covers, offices, lounge space.
  • Weddings: bridal suite, accommodation for guests.
  • 100% cotton canvas 360 g / m² waterproof

  • M2 flame retardant, water repellent, anti-mold and anti-UV treatments.

  • Waterproof 540 g / m²  PVC floor.

  • Heavy-duty YKK Vislon® zippers.

  • Long durability and 12 month warranty.

  • Open or closed format with hinged sides (standard).
  • Integral mosquito nets (standard).
  • Wood stove (option).
  • Canvas awning (option).
  • Textile floor: carpet, seagrass or coir mats, etc. (option).
  • Rented / sold empty or fitted out.
  • Several styles and ranges of furnishing.
  • Standard or custom-made comfort sleeping kit.
  • Outdoor patio furniture.
  • Exterior and interior lighting.

We offer a wide range of sizes to satisfy all our clients needs. From Ø 3m tents for up to two people, to Ø 7m tents for up to ten people. Check all the available sizes  and details in the next page.

Tent Capacity

Capacity numbers are provided on an indicative basis, they can be revised upwards or downwards according to your layout plans.

3 m
1-2 People
4 m
1-4 People
5 m
1-5 People
6 m
1-7 People
7 m
1-10 People
1-6 People

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